Books on stone age tools

These are the books that I have found most helpful in learning about stone age flint implements.  To learn more about each book, click on the image to  link to



Prehistoric Flintwork, by Chris Butler, Tempus Books, 2005.


Chris Butler is a Member of the Institute of Field Aracheologists and a lecturer at the University of Sussex.  He is an expert on on flint implements, especially in South East England.  His book is a practical manual and the best I know for learning about and identifying flint tools. I unhesitatingly recommend it as the one book that everyone interested in studying or collecting stone age flint tools should have.


Flintknapping: Making and Understanding Stone Tools, by John C. Whittaker, University of Texas Press, 1994.


John Whittaker is an American academic with a passion for flint knapping and for reproducing stone tools.  His book is a first rate manual of techniques with lots of references to academic texts.  The book is profusely illustrated and is very practical.  It is oriented mainly towards North American implements.



The Joy of Flint, by Clive WaddingtonMuseum of Antiquities, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2004.


Clive Waddington's large format book is profusely illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings. It is a very practical manual exploring flint making with particular reference to the sites that have been found in North Eastern England.  It has a very detailed bibliography and lists in detail the site of discovery of every tool pictured, all of which come from the Museum's collection.